Lithuania regularly reports hate crime data to ODIHR. Lithuania's Criminal Code contains a combination of general and specific penalty-enhancement provisions and a substantive offence. Data are collected by the Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior and the Prosecutor General's Office. Data are not made publicly available.


Official Data

Year Hate crimes recorded by police Prosecuted Sentenced About these data
2017 9 4 3
2016 20 6 7
2015 24 5 4
2014 0 0 0
2013 3 2 3

Hate crimes recorded by police

National developments

A new training programme for police officers, "Officers' action in cases of hate crime", was developed and is being delivered.

A Criminal Code provision on incitement to violence was amended to include age and disability as protected characteristics.

Key observation

ODIHR observes that Lithuania has not made public reliable data and statistics on hate crimes.