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Report Data - Romania - 2015

Official Data

Year Hate crimes recorded by police Prosecuted Sentenced About these data
2017 1 0 8
2016 10 21 50
2015 15 24 59
2014 25 20 Not available
2013 Not available 4 Not available

National developments

The Romanian Police has established a working group to guide implementation of a number of measures aimed at increasing the effectiveness of hate crime investigations, registration and data collection on hate crimes, and at furthering the hate crime training for officers.

The working group comprising representatives of the Romanian Police, General Prosecutor's Office and the civil society organization ACCEPT has developed a methodology on the investigation of hate crimes, pending approval in 2018.

The Police have been implementing the project "Integrated action for combating hate crimes, particularly against Roma communities and ensuring a high quality standard of police service", funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. The project aims to, among other things, improve structures for addressing hate crimes, train police officers, and learn from experiences of other countries in addressing hate crimes.

NGO reports 
Organization Report 

Jehovah's Witnesses – Romania reported three physical assaults, targeting two women and a blind man, respectively.

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ODIHR Recommendations 

ODIHR observes that Romania’s law enforcement agencies have not recorded the bias motivations of hate crimes.

National Developments 
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Romania amended its criminal code to prohibit deeds with a fascist, racist or xenophobic character.

The Romanian Police implemented the project "Integrated approach for prevention of victimization in Roma communities" in partnership with ODIHR and funded by a grant from the government of Norway.

Overview of incidents reported by civil society groups and organizations 
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